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Portland Adoption Lawyer

Adoption Services for Clients in Oregon and Washington

A stepparent adoption is often a very positive way for a family to grow closer. At Owens, Sneller, Pinzelik & Wood, P.C., Attorneys at Law, our lawyers advise families in Oregon and Washington about the legal requirements involved in stepparent adoptions.

In a stepparent adoption, even small mistakes can lead to delay or denial. Our Portland law firm guides clients through the legal system, making sure that everything runs smoothly. This approach reduces stress and worry for our clients because they can trust that their case will be managed effectively and efficiently by an experienced attorney.

Our lawyers handle all issues related to stepparent adoptions, including termination of parental rights by the biological parent and all legal paperwork necessary for a stepparent to adopt a child.

Stepparent Adoption in Oregon

In Oregon, there are several things that must be done before a stepparent adoption can be legally recognized:

  • A criminal background check is required for all adults over age 18 in your home — except for the child's birth parent or legal parent.
  • Regardless of whether they are retaining parental rights, biological parents must also consent to the adoption.
  • If applicable, grandparents must also be given notice.

Attention to detail is critical for the success of an Oregon adoption. At Owens, Sneller, Pinzelik & Wood, P.C., Attorneys at Law, we make sure that all the details are addressed so that your stepparent adoption runs smoothly.

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