Criminal Law

Portland Criminal Defense Attorneys

It is said that serious crimes require a serious defense. At Owens / Pinzelik, P.C., we take that saying to heart and work vigorously on behalf of our clients. We offer compelling criminal defense for professionals, business owners, financial industry employees, and people accused of involvement in illegal drug trade and manufacture. We also provide tenacious defense for people facing mandatory minimum sentences due to Measure 11 indictments.

Talk to a lawyer before you talk to the police.

If you are a suspect or if you have been charged with a felony in Oregon or Washington, contact an experienced Portland criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal defense attorney, David W. Owens, is a passionate advocate of the rights of the accused. Mr. Owens brings 40 years of experience to cases involving state and federal charges. As a skilled trial attorney, he provides a strong voice for clients facing felony charges in Oregon and Washington courts. Our Portland law office handles criminal law matters including:

  • White collar crimes – fraud, embezzlement, money-laundering
  • Felony drug charges – grow operations, trafficking, meth labs
  • Measure 11 offenses – mandatory sentence crimes including robbery, assault, sex crimes, and DUI
  • Civil rights violations – illegal search and seizure, improper arrest
  • Assault

For effective handling of a felony matter, contact a Portland criminal defense attorney with experience and success in state and federal court.

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