Success Story: Domestic Partnership and Co-Ownership of Historic Portland Property Upheld

Client and his same-sex Partner had been in a committed relationship for nearly thirty years.  Client and Partner had purchased a historic Portland home together and at various times through their relationship it was titled in the name of one, the other, or both of them.  Problems arose, forcing them apart.  As the property at that time was titled solely in Partner’s name, Partner asserted control over the property, attempting to remove Client from the property and turning it into a ‘flop house’ for vagrants and panhandlers.

Client hired David Owens to represent him and protect his rights as a domestic partner and co-owner of the property.  Ownership of the property was governed by a contract the parties had entered into years before, which required binding arbitration of any disputes.  Mr. Owens was able to establish the existence of a domestic partnership and co-ownership for Client and force the sale of the property before ex-Partner could damage its value any further.  Client received 1/2 of the sale proceeds plus an award compensating him for his attorney fees, paid from ex-Partner’s share of the house.

David, thank you for fighting what was I am sure the biggest battle of my life!  I am forever grateful to be able to move on as the truth produced justice.” – Mr. J.K.